Wales Council for Voluntary Action seeks views of sector on protecting community assets

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Changes to public service delivery, Local Government reform and the impact of ongoing austerity in public sector finances has meant that issues around community asset transfer and the development of a model for Wales in respect of protecting community assets, including community woodlands, are becoming of increasing importance.

The recent Asset Transfer event arranged by the Wales Council for Voluntary Action and other partners was an opportunity for organisations across the third sector to discuss the practical ideas that enable organisations to manage the process of community asset transfer successfully.

From 21 May to 11 September Welsh Government is running a consultation to gather your views on how we can protect our community assets across Wales. This is your chance to tell Welsh Government how they can help you have a say in how the local facilities that are important to you are run.

What is a Community Asset?

A community asset can be any land or building which is important to the wellbeing of a community. This includes woodland! Halls, churches, community centres, shops, playing fields and post offices are other examples of community assets.

Community assets provide services that bring communities together – community woodlands are an excellent example.

Why do our Community Assets need protecting?

Sometimes facilities are closed due to a lack of use or increased competition in a local area. However, having less money from the UK Government to spend in Wales has also placed great pressures on our community assets. This threatens many services which we all value and may have taken for granted and risks reducing your quality of life.

WCVA are looking to respond to the consultation, and are keen to get as many viewpoints from across the sector as possible. If you have any views that you wish to be incorporated in this response, please contact 02920431758

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