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BLOG: Tree planting with communities in Wrecsam.

Hywel Dodd north Wales development officer

Tree planting at Lincoln Close, Wrecsam.

On 15th March I attended a tree planting event organised by Wrexham CBC Open Spaces and Horticultural Officer, Jacinta Challinor and attended by around 60 employees of Lloyds Bank from Chester Business Park.

The planting site is open greenspace near Borras Park Community Primary School and was planted last winter with trees donated by the national scheme “My Tree Our Forest”.  Unfortunately, due to combination of factors a high percentage of these trees failed so the aim of this event was to replace the trees (beat up) and to ensure a higher success rate through summer watering & aftercare.

Lloyds Bank had approached an organisation called Employee Volunteering CIC: who had facilitated the experience with the help of WCBC.

The volunteers were really enthusiastic and were committed to the planting tasks (and the opportunity to be away from their screens no doubt!)  Over the course of the day we planted around 1000 whips with plenty of team work on show.

Wrecsam County Borough Council have committed to increase tree cover in the County Borough and have developed a  ‘Woodland Pledge’ to demonstrate their commitment to this end. For more information and to take part in a series of woodland activities in the summer please get in touch.




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