Looking after a woodland for your community throws up many challenges and questions - in these resources you will find some answers.

New additions are welcome - a collective effort of Llais y Goedwig members, this library is growing all the time.

Work with Volunteers & Staff

Volunteers, and work with the community, are essential elements for community woodlands.

It is the community aspect, and involvement of volunteers, that gives the community woodland sector its character.  Those involved with the woodland shape it’s use, and draw in the community around for recreation, helping with jobs to be done, and developing a sense of connection and belonging, It is the connecting of people and landscape.


Encouraging and supporting volunteer involvement is key for Community Woodlands – bringing connection to the community and access to skills and experience.

Engaging with community

Taking time to understand the local community – areas of interest or concern – is important  for  engagement and building good relationships.


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