Looking after a woodland for your community throws up many challenges and questions - in these resources you will find some answers.

New additions are welcome - a collective effort of Llais y Goedwig members, this library is growing all the time.

Set up and manage a community woodland

How do you set up a community woodland in Wales? This section looks at how to start, and key considerations.

From experience we know that deciding to start a community woodland group is an exciting and also a daunting step to take. Luckily over the past 10 years many community woodland groups have been established in Wales and there is now a great deal of experience and advice you can draw upon.

Getting started

Just as there is no single model of a community woodland group in Wales, then there is no fixed process for creating one. Each woodland group starts in a unique way – seeing how others did it can be a very useful, and give some tips based on real experiences.

Finding a woodland & negotiating with landowners

In starting a group you may already have a woodland in mind, if not there are many Welsh woodland owners who can be approached including NRW, local authorities and private landowners who may be willing to work with you.

Deciding on your objectives

Community woodland groups are established for many reasons, often in response to a particular local situation. It’s good to have agreement on why the group is being established and what it will do.

Choose a legal structure

A community woodland group needs some form of legal structure – there are a number of options to consider.


How the group is organised – and the way it will work (often set out as Articles of Association) – came in this category.


Before you undertake any activity in your woodland it is important to be aware of your responsibilities and to be properly insured.


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