Looking after a woodland for your community throws up many challenges and questions - in these resources you will find some answers.

New additions are welcome - a collective effort of Llais y Goedwig members, this library is growing all the time.

Provide woodland recreation

Woodlands are great for all ages – for work and play.

Getting out into a woodland is a way for many to enjoy the outdoors, whether for  exercise, to learn more about natural history, to forage for wild foodstuffs, or do something constructive like plant a tree or repair a path. Community Woodlands by their nature encourage accessibility and getting involved as much or as little as one feels able.


Access covers the routes into a wood, as well as getting around on trackways that are safe and clear.


Woodland events are an important way of getting people involved, to showcase what has been done and what is planned.


Woods are a great backdrop for lots of artistic activities, for all ages, from making things through to dramatic performances.


Woodlands can be great venues for outdoor sports from axe throwing to orienteering, for all levels of skill and interest.

Health & Well being

Being outdoors in a wood, amongst natural flora and fauna, is a real stimulus to good health and well being.


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