Looking after a woodland for your community throws up many challenges and questions - in these resources you will find some answers.

New additions are welcome - a collective effort of Llais y Goedwig members, this library is growing all the time.

Harvest woodland products

Woodlands historically produced many resources for people and still do.

Community woodlands can provide a wide range of products and materials that are useful to the communities around them – and have the benefit of being renewable resources. This can include fallen trees for firewood, managed stands for felling for planks and posts, as well as the raw materials for craft work and non timber products such as berries and nuts.


Community Woodlands can be an important local resource for fuelwood, from felling trees through to pruning techniques such as coppicing.


Mature trees, grown straight and tall, can be milled to produce a range of timber products, from planks to fenceposts.


Wood, in all its shapes, forms and different species, forms a great raw material for a range of woodworking crafts.

Non wood forest products (NWFP)

Woodlands don’t just provide wood – the berries, nuts and resins trees produce are often useful foodstuffs, or raw materials.

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