Looking after a woodland for your community throws up many challenges and questions - in these resources you will find some answers.

New additions are welcome - a collective effort of Llais y Goedwig members, this library is growing all the time.

Engage in education and training

Educating the public and providing training opportunities is important for many Community Woodlands.

Woodlands provide a great opportunity to bring people face to face with the world of nature and educate them on aspects of their local natural history. Groups may also look to provide formal or informal skills training – using their own resources or bring in outside experts – there is a very wide range that can be covered

Outdoor Education (including Forest School)

Practical outdoor activities with children may be done through Forest School – with trained leaders who have had appropriate safeguarding checks.

Training & Mentoring

Many groups see training in forestry skills as important – for members to gain skills, and to offer a saleable service.

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