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Dewis Gwyllt

Dewis Gwyllt

Dewis Gwyllt (Wild Choice) is a three-year EAFRD*/Welsh Government funded action learning project, being delivered by Llais y Goedwig in partnership with Wild Resources Ltd, that aims to:

  • develop new supply chains of sustainably harvested wild produce.
  • provide valuable income for Wales’ community woodlands.
  • support the development of new harvesting, processing and marketing methods.
  • invite businesses to experiment with some of Wales’ finest, sustainably sourced produce.

The project was developed from Llais y Goedwig’s participation in the StarTree Project that ran from 2012 until 2016. 

In order to test different methods of harvesting, processing, and marketing, we have focused on several products with potential to help generate income:

  • Tapping birch and producing birch syrup (link to DG website)
  • Sustainable harvesting models for Wild Garlic
  • Community picking of elder flower to sell to producers
  • Producing essential oils from woodland trees and plants

For each product or process researched we are developing resources, guides and training sessions.

There is a range of different ways to Get Involved in Dewis Gwyllt; if you are a Community Woodland Group, a volunteer interested in helping your local community woodland group generate vital funds, an owner of woodland and hedgerows that would be willing to grant pickers access to your land to sustainably harvest produce, or a business looking for new and exciting Welsh ingredients.

We’d love to hear from you.

Visit the Dewis Gwyllt website or contact:

Lucy Kew
Dewis Gwyllt Project Manager
07877 574607 




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