Private UK forestry unprepared for environmental change

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A report published in December, titled Awareness, action and aspiration among Britain’s forestry community relating to environmental change: Report of the British Woodlands Survey 2015, reveals that private forestry in the UK is falling well short of standards of best practice relating to adaptation to environmental change. While forestry professionals are partially aware and active in planning for environmental change, many woodland owners are not.

About the British Woodlands Survey

The British Woodlands Survey (BWS) gathers evidence about the UK’s woodlands and those who care for them. It aims to provide an evidence base on which future policies and practice can be developed. BWS2015 is the third survey in the series. The British Woodlands Survey is co-ordinated by the Sylva Foundation within its think-tank Forestry Horizons.

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Survey Scope and Purpose 

The purpose of BWS2015 was to explore adaptation to environmental change in British woodlands, and their potential resilience, by assessing awareness, action and aspiration among woodland owners, managers and related professionals*. The intention was to create a baseline of evidence against which change can be measured in future. There are various policy contexts for this evidence, outlined in the report.

The survey was also designed to accompany the 2015 Climate Change Accord1 , signed by more than 30 organisations within the forestry sector that coalesced around a call for action to be taken to ensure our trees, woods and forests are more resilient.

*Almost three quarters of the UK’s woodlands (2,283,000 ha; Forestry Commission 2015) are in private ownership.

Read full report here –

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