Dewis Gwyllt Project Plans

We have a busy schedule lined up for Year 2 (2020)...


Revised Dewis Gwyllt Plans

September – December 2020

Seed Collection Programme

Dewis Gwyllt and Llais y Goedwig, with support from The Woodland Trust, are looking to develop resources and a training package to support seed collection activity in Wales. The Seed Collection Programme is open to community woodland groups with an interest in collecting seed to develop small scale tree nurseries, and/or for selling to registered traders as a means of generating additional income. Community woodland groups will be able to access resources to:

  • Identify suitable trees for seed collection
  • Register a stand for traceability and plant health legislation compliance
  • Gather seeds effectively
  • Store seed collections
  • Grow trees from seed, to develop small scale tree nurseries
  • Sell collected seed to registered traders


It is hoped that this pilot will be rolled out fully during the Autumn months of 2021.

October 2020 – March 2021

Birch Syrup

Before the March 2020 travel restrictions were brought into place, Dewis Gwyllt was able to carry out birch tapping in two locations. All harvested sap was then immediately frozen, to store until processing was possible. Plans are now in place to process and bottle this sap, in accordance with food safety legislation. Dewis Gwyllt will then be able to fulfil existing orders from two restaurants and seek new buyers. Further consumer feedback will then be gathered.

Full birch tapping and sap processing guidelines have been produced and are currently being fine-tuned to meet UK Woodland Assurance Standards (UKWAS) and hence Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) requirements. This will enable birch syrup producers to negotiate access to trees for tapping with managers of FSC certified forests, and for syrup products to be branded as FSC certified. The guidelines will be made available on the Dewis Gwyllt website, once completed.

To compliment achievements to date, Llais y Goedwig has been successful in securing additional funding via Farming Connect’s European Innovation Partnership (EIP) programme, for a sister project called Dewis Bedw. Here new sap preservation techniques and technologies will be trialled, to assess their suitability within varying production scales with a view to increasing processing efficiencies. Work on this project commences in October 2020 and will conclude in June 2022.

November 2020

As part of Llais y Goedwig’s Annual Policy Conference, this November Dewis Gwyllt will be holding a digital event. More details to follow soon.

Started looking at an overview of DG with short presentations/films on birch tapping and seed collection… maybe leading on to exploring the demand for a digital market place for woodland products.


  • At the beginning of the new year further trials will be conducted on wild garlic, to take forward existing research into sustainable harvesting and processing techniques. Findings will be published on the Dewis Gwyllt website towards the end of the project.


  • With additional funding having been secured from Focus on Forestry First, a new pilot course, to support community woodland groups in identifying non-timber forest products with commercial potential, will be piloted before April 2021 (this was originally scheduled for Summer 2020). ‘Uncovering Hidden Opportunities’ will be delivered by Dewis Gwyllt Project Partners, Wild Resources Ltd.


  • Dewis Gwyllt’s plans to explore and develop new supply chains of sustainably sourced, Welsh Elderflower have been rescheduled for May 2021. Here we are looking to run community elderflower picking events and work closely with producers in order to develop a commercially viable product.


  • Using Llais y Goedwig’s steam distillation kit, Dewis Gwyllt is looking to experiment with producting Essential oils this summer. We are inviting community woodland groups with an interest in experimenting with some of their woodland resources to make contact.


  • Whilst Covid-19 still casts a shadow of doubt over the possibility of getting out on the road to show-case Dewis Gwyllt in 2021, tentative plans are currently in place and digital opportunities are being investigated.

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