Plan for delivery of Llais y Goedwig £265K Welsh Government core funding

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It’s been a busy few months since LlyG was awarded £265K Welsh Government Environment and Sustainability core funding, with an initial LlyG member update introducing the work proposed shared with the network in August.

With LlyG’s inception meeting with Welsh Government Forestry Policy team now complete, Rosie Strang, LlyG Network Coordinator, gives a follow up report on behalf of the LlyG Board, including the details of the funding application and the agreed action plan.

In September 2015 LlyG met up with the WG Forestry Policy team for an inception meeting (pictured above from left to right Forestry Policy team Jane Sherrard, Richard Morgan, Aaron Fortt, Bill McDonald and LlyG Directors David Williams and Jane Gronow).

The aim – to review and initiate the work programme from 2015 – 2018 as outlined in LlyG’s successful environment and sustainability core funding bid. This included appraising and signing by both parties of an agreement letter including an action pan.

Download a copy of the LlyG WG fund bid here

Download a copy of the LlyG WG fund action plan here

The meeting was very positive, with constructive discussions covering several areas outlined below. An excellent introduction to what both parties hope will be a productive and fruitful partnership in strengthening community woodlands in Wales.

Areas of delivery

As outlined in the agreed LlyG WG action plan above, there are eight different work areas –

  • Recruitment and Resources
  • Office Accommodation
  • Communications
  • Income Generation
  • Growing the Network
  • Collaboration
  • Gathering and sharing experience
  • Social enterprise

Against these, targets and the date that these need to be achieved have been identified, as well as the evidence required when reporting.

Collaborating with others

In total, sixteen organisations were awarded WG environment and sustainability core funding. They can all be viewed here.

They include Coed Cymru, Keep Wales Tidy, Welsh Wildlife Trusts, and Plantlife. WG are keen for these organisations to collaborate, sharing best practice and joining forces where useful. This includes WG hosted get togethers for all recipients every six months, as well as individual introduction, the first of which is scheduled for November 25th and will be attended by ?????? for Llais y Goewig.


WG require internal quarterly reporting against the action plan. This will include a meeting with the fund team.

Next steps

  • Creating a more detailed action plan – The agreed action plan will now inform a much more in depth action plan, which will also serve to outline in more detail targets and actions, as well as incorporate other projects and partners that LlyG is working with including StarTree, Making Local Woods Work, Natural Resources Wales and the Woodland Trust.
  • Development of the Forestry Hub- In addition to the core funding WG has also confirmed that they will continue to support the Forestry Hub in Machynlleth, a shared office space that is currently home to LlyG staff, Forest School Wales, Coed Lleol, Welsh Timber Forum, and Dyfi Woodlands. LlyG has taken on the lease from September this year, and will be developing a business plan for this space.
  • Recruiting a new team – LlyG are now recruiting to fill four key posts that will help widen the network and strengthen community woodland organisations in Wales, helping to deliver the agreed action plan over the next two years in collaboration with the LlyG Board and network.

For any further questions please contact – , 01654 700061.



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