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The Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme  – CENNAD is open to all, through application; with training events organised between April 2016-March 2018. The learning focus will be on epiphytic lichens, particularly species associated with Atlantic woodlands and way-side trees.

A combination of learning approaches will be offered through a structured learning programme, including workshop and field training days, site survey; specialist mentoring; home study; microscope sessions; a travelling herbarium; email and web-based support via ‘Lichens of Wales’ website; regional group work and partnership support.

A field guide, hand lens, spot-test chemicals and learning materials will be provided to each apprentice. Access to microscopes will be arranged locally through partners, and on training days. Access to local woodland/parkland study sites will be arranged for apprentices, provided by partners supporting the apprenticeship scheme. This will facilitate two-way benefits. As apprentices become familiar with specific sites and develop their understanding and skills, they will be able to provide lichen records to scheme partners, site interpretation and guidance.

You will be expected to commit for the 2 years of the scheme, to make every effort to attend all training days arranged, and to dedicate time each week to self study. You will also be encouraged to meet regularly, to learn from and support each other within the apprenticeship area cluster closest to your home base (NE Wales; NW Wales; Mid Wales; Pembrokeshire; Cardiff & South Wales Valleys).

CENNAD plays on ‘cen’ (Welsh for lichen), with Cennad meaning ‘messenger/envoy’. Lichens are effective messengers, that tell a story about their past and current management, environmental influences and impacts – if we stop to understand the stories they tell. Our Lichen Apprentices will be trained as ‘lichen envoys’ engaging others in understanding the stories lichens tell us about our environment. Training will cover the importance of lichens within our Welsh ecosystems, landscape, and history; understanding of their management requirements and sensitivities. It is the intention of the Scheme to facilitate long term partnership support and strong connections to regional sites, for all apprentices following the end of the scheme in March 2018. Plantlife Cymru are very grateful to all Scheme partners for the support they have offered to Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme apprentices and to the Wales Government for funding this apprenticeship scheme. Further interest is welcomed from new partners.

In parallel with the Cennad Apprenticeship Scheme, the Lichens of Wales website ( will be updated and resources placed online to help learners and apprentices identify lichens.


Please apply via:

English version:

Welsh version:

Please note closing date: 11 April 2016.

If you’d like any further information please contact: Tracey Lovering, Plantlife Cymru Lower Plants and Fungi Officer / Wales Plant Link Cymru (PLinC) Officer

Tel: 07710 235706/01654 781225



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