LlyG member blog: Beacon Stoves & Coppicewood host LlyG networking event in the woods & around the fire…

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Ben giving a big welcome at Beacon Stoves

This month’s member’s blog comes from Ben at Beacon Stoves, who worked with Coppicewood College to host the last in the series of Llais y Goedwig local networking events in 2013. Here both groups share their experience of collaborating on a successful day out in the woods and around the fire on a sunny day in October that was so popular they now hope to create another…

Day broke mercifully dry & calm here at Beacon Stoves. The wind in the night had not collapsed the catering shed’s canvas awning.

The teams at Beacon Stoves and Coppicewood  preparing for the day had been encouraged by the large number of people wanting to attend. It was the first time we had put on such an event. Feeling some trepidation about where all the vehicles would park & how many spoons we could muster, we had set a limit at 30 attendees. In the end 34 came & 5 are waiting for the next time! Add 7 more hosts & helpers and a crowd was assembled!

The programme had been carefully crafted to present an informative day of traditional woodland management & wood fuel, with experts sharing knowledge and skills in the woodland, wood yard, and around the fire. We hoped that this would generate a good balance of sharing, listening and discussion.

Pretty much everything worked. We stuck to the timetable. The weather allowed us to comfortably explore the small woodland and move between the buildings. The speakers spoke. Nobody left out of boredom. The soup was hot. The shelter held up when the downpour came. There were places to warm up & dry out. The excellent film beautifully set at Coppicewood College that showcased the inspiring experience of a recent Woodland Management graduate did eventually appear full size with dramatic soundtrack to all gathered in the showroom.

Thankfully not even the slightest accident occurred – gods be praised!  A general good humoured buzz was apparent. As always in these situations lots was discussed, learnt & exchanged. Subjects ranged widely from use of hand tools and ash dieback, to considerations when burning fuel.

Feedback so far has been positive. We hope to do a brief follow-up questionnaire to those attending to help with evaluation. We really enjoyed the day & are hugely grateful to all those who helped make it happen. We would be very pleased to do it again & make it better where we can!

To find out more about Beacon Stoves visit here, and Coppicewood College here.


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