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As part of Llais y Goedwig’s library of community woodland resources written by woodland groups, Abergavenny Community Woodland Group has produced a new inspirational case study. Here Andrew Michie, the author, gives us an overview on this new publication.

Background to Abergavenny Community Woodland group

The Abergavenny Community Woodland Group (ACWG) began as an offshoot of Abergavenny Climate Action (ACA). In 2009 Gareth Ellis of Green Valleys CIC (Community Interest Company) came to speak to ACA about community management of nearby woodlands, notably in Llangattock in Powys. It was an inspiring talk which showed the potential benefits to the community and to the environment, of managing local woodlands for wood fuel and other products.

Importantly, it gave people a clear view of how to go about it and that it might be a realisable idea. Various members of ACA took on the idea, agreeing to form a steering group

The new case study

The new case study documents the overlap of two stories, that of Abergavenny Community Woodland Group (ACWG) and that of a privately owned wood, Arcadia Wood, looking at the evolving relationship between them. The study examines how a community group operates in a private woodland, at related challenges and occasional solutions, and how shared values and interests have led to a useful partnership.

It is written from the perspective myself as the of the owner of Arcadia Wood, and also as a person closely involved in the set-up of ACWG,  who have always been active in the management of and vision for Arcadia. It does not necessarily reflect the view of the group’s members, but it should highlight some of the issues inherent in this sort of relationship.

A further case study may follow documenting more explicitly the story of Abergavenny Community Woodland Group. This might contain more detail on the group’s set up, membership and sites other than Arcadia Wood.

We hope you enjoy this new publication, and find it useful. Download the casestudy here.

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