LlyG awarded core funding – Community woodland movement grows onwards!

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David Williams, LlyG Director and member of the Blaen Bran Community Woodland reports on the recent news of LlyG’s new Welsh Government Core Funding, granted to help develop community woodland’s in Wales. 

Well – it is official, Llais y Goedwig heard at the end of June that the Board have been successful in a core funding application to Wales Government – which means scope to take forward significant expansion – with funding running for two and a half years, to 31 March 2018. The funding is £265,000 for that whole period – all that was applied for, which was great news!

As a Board, we heard what attendees said at the five ‘future of community woodlands’ events that we ran across Wales in autumn 2014, with support from Woodland Trust – and used this to shape an application.

Those key messages included:

* grassroots networking at a regional level, sharing resources

* need for ‘brokering’ between woodland owners and community

* creating a bigger voice for community woodland in Wales

* strengthening the community woodland network

 You can read the full report from these consultation events here.

The question was how could we take this forward?

Our engagement with Wales Government – in the consultation on the Woodlands for Wales Action Plan (to be launched shortly), in the Natural Resources Reference Group, and through their attendance at our national gathering events this year and last – led to the suggestion to apply for core funding as the whole grant process was being changed in the environmental sector.

We did look to link with colleagues in other woodland organisations such as Woodland Trust, Tir Coed and Coed Lleol to ensure that we did not duplicate proposals – and proposed making use of shared space such as the ‘Forest Hub’ in Machynlleth, where we are based alongside some of these other groups.

It is great news – but we are also conscious that it is a great responsibility. Other groups were not successful, and we fully expect that Wales Government will want to see close working across organisations so that different funding streams are effectively coordinated to get best outcomes – for government, for communities, and for woodlands.

 Next step – inception meeting with Welsh Government

We still have to meet with Wales Government officials at an inception meeting to go through grant conditions and expectations – but it does mean that we will be looking to recruit to a number of new posts – all on a part time basis – including a communications and development officer; two capacity building officers (one in North Wales and one in South Wales) and a business support officer. It also gives us funding for travel bursaries/exchange visits between community woodland groups, and to hold  at least four local/regional networking events each year.

It is a big step change for Llais y Goedwig, for community woodland groups in Wales – and is the result of the work of many people – including all those who have participated in all the events, workshops, skill shares, board meetings and many other activities – over the fairly short life of the organisation, so many thanks are due. Hopefully many others can now get involved, and community woodlands can go from strength to strength.

For further information, please contact Rosie, LlyG Network Coordinator, info@llaisygoedwig.org.uk.


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