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NEWS: Llais y Goedwig Policy Advisory Group held its first meeting!

The Llais y Goedwig Policy Advisory Group held it’s first meeting this year in early April, with Community Woodland Group members, Associate members and LlyG staff and directors attending to pool ideas and expertise to help raise the profile of Community Woodlands in the policy arena in Wales.The group will be meeting regularly over the coming months with plans to:

  • Deliver party specific messages to all members of the new Senedd outlining the benefits of Community Woodlands and key messages from Llais y Goedwig member groups.
  • Contribute to upcoming regional and national forums, debates and consultations.
  • Cupport members to connect with their local decision-makers by collating and providing information and contacts.

If you would like to take part in Advisory Group meetings or have the chance to contribute to debates and consultations, contact for more information




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