LlyG member blog – Launch of a new Woodlands for Wales Action Plan & clear place for Llais y Goedwig going forward

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The Woodlands for Wales Action Plan was recently published by the Welsh Government to support the social, environmental & economic benefits that trees can provide.

This Action Plan sets out the action and activities that are planned to make progress towards achieving the vision and outcomes of the 50-year Woodlands for Wales Strategy and includes Llais y Goedwig as a named organisation.

Here David Williams, member of Blaen Bran Community Woodland, and LlyG voluntary Director gives an overview – 

The Natural Resources department of the Welsh Government released the final version of the Woodlnds for Wales Action Plan towards in March this year.

Llais y Goedwig have played an active part in the consultation process to develop this 5 year plan that runs to 2020. The Woodlands for Wales Action Plan has been developed through some very good partnership working by Wales Government with both the statutory sector – Natural Resources Wales, and with the the commercial and third sectors, including ourselves in Llais y Goedwig.

The number of priority actions has been reduced to a sensible level – 14 priority areas, spanning the wide range of woodland and timber use. There have been some lively discussions, some arguments, and a good deal of commitment from many organisations to be a part of this.

From a community woodland perspective we are pleased to see that Llais y Goedwig are a named partner in six of these priority actions and this is both recognition of the work that community woodlands do, an opportunity to be involved in more partnership working, and a challenge to help deliver for woods in Wales.  I would like to think that our members are up for the challenge!

You can read the Woodlands for Wales Action Plan on the Welsh Government website here – http://gov.wales/topics/environmentcountryside/forestry/our-strategy/?lang=en



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