Host a Skill Share; £500 available for Groups

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Network Skill Share Funding

Funds available to host a local community woodland networking & skill share event at your woodland.

Funds: two pots of £500 each are available to Llais y Goedwig members who would like to hold a community woodland local networking and skillshare event in autumn 2016 and spring 2017.  Applications from across Wales are welcome.

Aim: to bring together people with an interest in community woodlands; to visit local woods, and share ideas, skills and experiences.

Location & activities: ideally the event would take place in your woods or nearby and would be an all-day event with a range of topics and activities. The event could be something that you have already planned for your group or organisation, which could be extended to include members of other community woodland groups.

Application: complete a simple form.

You will be able to use the funds however you wish and will not be asked to submit a budget or receipts. All Llais y Goedwig ask is you share what happened at the event with the Llais y Goedwig community woodlands network.

To apply for funding; contact Liz 01654 700061  or email  for an application form. 

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