About Llais y Goedwig

Llais y Goedwig is proud to be the voice of community woodlands in Wales. We are a 300 member strong grassroots network. Llais y Goedwig aims to represent & support community groups & practitioners across Wales.


A company limited by guarantee

All organisations need to have some formal structures and policies in place– so that their aims and operations are clear and transparent, i.e. to ensure that there is good governance.

Llais y Goedwig is first and foremost a grassroots membership organization. Its formal legal status is that of a company limited by guarantee registered with Companies House, the governing documents being the Articles of Association. In addition, a further set of policies has been prepared to govern the work of the Board (for instance on Welsh language, equal opportunities, Board roles).

There is an Annual General Meeting, held in the spring during the Annual Gathering, where Board members are elected from the members, and annual reports, accounts and any proposed changes to the Articles are presented to the membership.

Board members undertake their responsibilities for the conduct of the company in a voluntary capacity. Bi-monthly Board meetings, minutes of which are available on request, are usually held at the office in Machynlleth and are open to all members, with a ‘revolving’ Chair.

Accounting to members and partners

The Treasurer is elected from the Board and ensures that our  accounts are prepared annually and are presented to the AGM for scrutiny by members.

In addition, the Llais y Goedwig Board ensures that any partnership agreements entered into are scrutinized by the Board.

The Board prides itself on a high degree of professionalism – all partnership working is underpinned by an agreed set of measurable outcomes and outputs, for which timely reports are submitted to the partner. These are all available to members on request.

The Llais y Goedwig office is manned by the Network Coordinator for three days a week.

The Network Coordinator reports to the Board and work to a ‘Terms of Reference’, also available on request.

Board meeting minutes

Final Minutes LlyG Board Meeting March 2016

Board Meeting Minutes, May 2016

LlyG Board Meeting Minutes March




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