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If you are a woodland group working in Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Powys and Carmarthenshire then this meeting could be of interest, especially if you are working on a green prescribing or health and well being agenda.  The Nature Based Health Services Network only meets twice a year and gathers together people who work in NRW, NHS Wales, the Public Health Boards and the local councils, plus many Third Sector groups to discuss collaborative work, find partnerships and funding, and promote the work groups are doing.  There is a sub group that specialises in Woodlands that meets in between main meetings.  Full details listed below.

Nature Based Health Services Network

Date: Thursday 22nd June 2017


Location:  Stackpole Outdoor Learning Centre, Stackpole Estate, Pembroke, SA71 5DO

On behalf of West Wales Action for Mental Health (WWAMH) and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority we invite you to the next Nature Based Health Services Network in West Wales. This is a diverse and evolving area embracing a range of health and well-being related activities.  The unifying factor is that Nature Based Health Services use experiences in nature and the outdoors and often interconnect physical and mental health.

This Network is facilitated by WWAMH and the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park Authority in partnership. It offers an opportunity to meet others in this exciting, developing field; to find out what others are doing; and to hear more about this work.

Please contact Hannah or Angie on the contact details below to book a place or for more information.

We will have a market place area at the Network meeting  where every one can bring information to share with each other, and anything you would like to give out. This could be information about your work or any events/activities coming up. We will also use this to draft the Nature Based Health Services Newsletter and Directory that we would like to build. Please use this opportunity to bring information along. We will also use this area where you can sit and meet other people to talk about joint activities and plans.

We would also like you to send us any questions you would like to discuss in the group work in advance of the day so we can build this into the planning and also hear from you if you would like to give a presentation to a future Network meeting. Be good to know what you would like to talk about and for how long. We are also keen to hear from you about any “themes” for future meetings or guest speakers that you would like to hear from.

Please can you also let us know if you have any dietary, access and/or communication needs for the event.

If you would like to participate at the event in Welsh please let us know.

The full programme will be sent out soon.

Many thanks. Best Wishes

Angie and Hannah

Hannah Buck, Health and Tourism Policy Officer

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

hannahb@pembrokeshirecoast.org.uk  01646 624894

Angie Darlington, Director WWAMH

director@wwamh.org.uk   01267 245572


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