About Llais y Goedwig

Llais y Goedwig is proud to be the voice of community woodlands in Wales. We are a 300 member strong grassroots network. Llais y Goedwig aims to represent & support community groups & practitioners across Wales.

Developing Resources

Advice on community woodlands

All community woodland groups have many questions – What legal form should we take? What insurance do we need? What goes into a management plan? Llais y Goedwig aims to support groups by signposting them to resources that can help.

There are many sources of good advice on community woodlands – including practical publications and assistance from expert organisations such as NRW and the Woodland Trust.

The best advice often comes from other community woodland groups. Llais y Goedwig encourages members to share their experience across the network – it can be as simple as sending in an email with your news or ‘top tips’ or a short ‘blog’ or a case study.

Llais y Goedwig publications

From time to time, Llais y Goedwig produces formal publications drawing on the experience of community woodland groups.

Llais y Goedwig also develops new resources from surveys and research into topical issues, (for instance research into domestic firewood consumption in Wales).

Llais y Goedwig publications are available online to download and in printed form on request (bilingual options). The publications include: Advisory Notes, Case Studies and Reports.






Llais y Goedwig enquiry service

If you would like advice on a particular problem, then the Llais y Goedwig enquiry service may be for you.

Simply contact Llais y Goedwig through the Network Coordinator who will work with other network members to gather LlyG’s collective wisdom and give you the best possible answer.

Llais y Goedwig resource pages – an information hub

The Llais y Goedwig resource pages of this website are a great place to access all the best advice and experience on community woodlands in Wales – including the latest publications, research and contacts.

The resource pages are designed around 8 themes that are relevant to community woodland groups.

The aim of the resources pages is to develop into an online space where community woodland groups and supporting organisations can share and easily access information, key contacts and practical experience.

Do contact Llais y Goedwig with any contributions that you would like to share across the network – articles, photos and stories of your experience, your latest news and ‘top tips’, or any reports that you have found useful are hugely welcome!

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