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Woodland Enabling

Working with NRW to support Community Management Agreements

Between April 2022 and March 2024, Llais y Goedwig staff will be reviewing and contributing to; amending and rolling out a revised Permissions system for long term agreements on NRW managed woodland.

This is not just a high-level revision of an existing process. The contract will design a process that works for NRW staff and the communities that want to use the Welsh Government Woodland Estate.   It includes support to ensure that communities have the skills, experience and governance structures to manage the activities they are applying for permission to undertake. This will also provide reassurance to NRW staff when negotiating and agreeing a Community Management Agreement (CMA) or ‘project’ in their area; so that it won’t unduly add to their workload thanks to ongoing regular group support from LlyG Development Officers to ensure all permissions conditions are met during the application and delivery phases of their projects.

First Phase (2022 autumn)

We have audited existing projects to understand what activity they are undertaking, any barriers, and what they aspire to do next.  We have met with NRW staff at all levels to gain insight into potential issues and barriers within the existing systems.  Once we have reported on the survey outcomes we will produce a report of recommendations on the application Permissions Process with categories for different levels and intensity of on-site activity being requested.

Second Phase (April 2023 – )

Once the new systems are in place, LlyG Officers will work with woodland projects with existing agreements and their corresponding NRW Land Managers to ensure their current agreements are fit for purpose and working well.

 We will support a small number of new projects that will encompass a range of activity types and uses of the estate, including some where products from the woodlands are part of an agreement. 


Our work over the two years of the contract will ensure that community groups who wish to support the management of the WG Woodland Estate at a variety of levels are treated consistently and considerately and that support is available when they need it.   We will help NRW to ensure agreements work effectively and that benefits for both sides are maximised.




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