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Supporting the development of community tree nurseries across Wales

Since 2020, we have been working with Coed Cadw (The Woodland Trust) to deliver the CommuniTree Project, which continues this year (2023) with support from The People’s Postcode Lottery. 

To understand more about the project and community tree nurseries watch this short film. 

CommuniTree has supported:

In-depth surveys to ascertain interest, experience and resources within community and private woodlands in Wales. We currently have a database of almost 100 small scale nursery practitioners with different areas of expertise and experience who share information/skills and progress via events and workshops.

The development of resources on seed collection and storage, legal obligations that relate to Forest Reproductive Materials (FRM) and developing small scale tree nurseries. 

CommuiTree Resources

Collecting tree seed for your own use

Collecting tree seed to sell to a registered trader

Collecting tree seed for direct selling

Setting up a small scale tree nursery 

Seed collection calendar 

Legal obligations when collecting tree seed in Wales

CommuniTree Case Studies 2023-24

Coeden Fach

Coetir Mynydd

Y Dref Werdd

We have also developed these seed collection quick- guides, that summarise key issues:

Why collect tree seed

How to collect tree seed

Selling tree seed

Artist Poster

A specially commissioned poster with identification and collecting information on some of the most common tree seeds in the UK.

Download a PDF of the poster here

Seed collection days with Community Woodlands and volunteer groups. 

We have supported 12 tree seed collection days using the resources developed by CommuniTree with many more to come. 

Training and knowledge sharing events to develop skills and networking opportunities amongst proactive groups, individuals and organisations.

Seed collection and storing workshops in Autumn 2021 were complimented by Tree Nursery development workshops and skill shares in Spring 2022 utilising established and fledgling nurseries across Wales. 

We also hosted a walking workshop with a professional seed collector to pass on first-hand experience of the skills of seed collection required for a commercial nursery. The project was further developed in 2022/23 with targeted training for those wishing to start up and develop small scale tree nurseries. This included biosecurity and further work on seed stand registration, providing support for collaborative working on a regional basis (Magu Coed) and on seed collecting, growing and selling.

We are currently half way through the  2023/24 CommuniTree Programme.

Contact Jayne for more information about training dates and how to sign up. 

Magu Coed

Part of the CommuniTree project is to develop a tree seed and growing network.  In 2022 we launched the Magu Coed (tree growing) Network – for anyone interested in growing, raising, planting, and looking after native trees in Wales. We have an expanding mailing list of nearly 200 gardeners, foresters, charity, business, council officers, and general public.

Magu Coed WhatsApp groups:

If you would like to get more involved why not join the regional WhatsApp networks to share general information and questions, to swap seeds or meet up regionally.

To join please click the links

North Wales:              Magu Coed Gogleddol

South East Wales:     SE 303 provenance trees

South West Wales:    303 provenance trees

Mid Wales:                 Magu Coed Mid Wales






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