COVID-19: A quick update

Posted on March 18, 2020 by

COVID-19: A quick update

The developing situation with Covid-19 is already impacting all of us, and with the new guidance issued on Monday the disruption looks set to increase and likely to last some time.

We all need to be taking immediate steps to slow the spread of COVID-19, protect the vulnerable in our communities and support the NHS through this difficult time, and this will inevitably have a huge impact on our lives and activities.

The Volunteer Board and staff of Llais y Goedwig are taking this seriously and we’re reviewing creative ways we can adapt our practices.  As always, we are led by our members and we want to hear how this is affecting your group, so please do share any thoughts, concerns or ideas for how we best react to the latest advice, and what we might do at both a local or wider network level in the coming months.

Community Woodland Groups are all about bringing people together with volunteer days, gatherings, courses, and many other fantastic activities. We’re all going to need to adapt to the restrictions required to slow down the epidemic, but our woodlands and our community networks may be a fantastic resource in the weeks and months ahead, both for our members and the wider community.


As always, please use any of the usual channels to contact us even if it’s just for a chat in this challenging time.

The Llais y Goedwig Facebook page is an excellent place to stay connected and share thoughts and ideas across our network.

We will have reduced office staffing in the Forestry Hub, so if you can’t get an answer on the office phone, contact staff directly or email

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