CONSULTATION: Have your say on key policy decisions in Wales

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There are two Welsh Government consultations open at the moment that are relevant to Community Woodland Groups and the forestry sector as a whole.

We urge members to respond on behalf of themselves and their groups and let us know your thoughts and the key messages you have responded with so that Llais y Goedwig can also submit collective responses. The more responses from LlyG members the greater our voice and impact!


Sustainable Farming and our land – revised proposals for land management after Brexit

This is the follow-on consultation to Brexit and our land (2018) and presents revised proposals on how the Welsh Government intends to support land managers after Brexit.

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The documents are very much written as talking to and attempting to elicit responses from farmers but many questions are relevant to woodland owners and managers and the document does reference forestry as a land management system to be supported, in particular in question 1 – the proposed framework for sustainable land management

Consultation closes 30th October 2019


A National Forest for Wales

There is an early opportunity to share your thoughts on the development of a Wales’ National Forest as part of the consultation on the proposed National Development Framework.

At the moment proposals are very broad so this is a great chance to share your thoughts and suggestions whatever they may be and help shape Welsh Government thinking!

Policy proposals 8 & 9 (pages 33 – 39) in the consultation document (see link below) deal with green infrastructure with the broad proposal for a National Forest as policy 9 (page 35).

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You can give your views on the National Forest proposals on question 6 of the response questionnaire, with a chance to add more detail in section 15 – further comments.

Consultation closes 15th November 2019

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