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Posted on December 20, 2018 by

In this Blog,programme director Kate Hamilton explores how the organsiation can help community woodland groups. 

How to get involved with Renew Wales

Here at Renew Wales we work with all sorts of community groups to support them taking action on climate change and wider sustainability projects.  There’s been a variety of activities that we’ve supported, including developing local renewable energy resources, starting food clubs and growing projects, making land more sustainable and buildings more energy efficient, setting up sustainable travel projects, establishing community owned enterprises, and engaging schools in climate change action.

We’ve supported community woodlands like Llangattock, Abergavenny, Hay on Wye, Llanbedr and Bassaleg Woodland Trust over the past few years, but would like to invite other Llais y Goedwig members to participate.

So here’s how it works; Renew Wales has a network of local coordinators based in local third sector organisations. If your group chooses to become part of the programme then you will be supported to put together an action plan setting out some achievable steps you can do to take action on climate change and make your group or community more sustainable. Your coordinator will then put you in touch with groups, individuals and organisations-who we call peer mentors, who can help you take some of these steps by sharing their advice and suggestions based on their practical experience of doing something similar.

Or maybe you could join Renew Wales as a mentor yourself? We are well aware of the diverse skills and knowledge that those of you working in the community woodlands sector have to offer, such as about carbon capture, community engagement, land management, setting up enterprises as well as specific woodland and species-related knowledge. So why not share it with other groups and give them the opportunity to benefit from your experience and to hear about any lessons you have learnt along the way? The mentoring is demand-led according to the needs of our projects, and so there are no guarantees of ‘work’. However your organisation will be paid for any Peer Mentoring work you do.

The Renew Wales way of working builds the capacity of both those receiving support and those giving it, and strengthens local networks of people and groups who want to help their communities address the big challenge of climate change and sustainable living.

If your group is interested in participating or if you would like to become a Peer-mentor then please get in touch via or 029 20190260.

We look forward to hearing from you.              Diolch/ Thank you

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