About Llais Y Goedwig

Llais y Goedwig is proud to be the voice of community woodlands in Wales. We are a 300 member strong grassroots network. Llais y Goedwig aims to represent & support community groups & practitioners across Wales.


Llais y Goedwig Aims

Since its creation, Llais y Goedwig has had two simple aims, as set out in the Articles of Association:

1. To promote and represent community woodland groups (CWGs) in Wales

2. To provide assistance and support to local community woodland groups and initiatives.

Llais y Goedwig Activities

In order to do this, we seek to:

Support NETWORKING among community woodland groups and other agencies – sharing knowledge and experience and problem solving

Develop RESOURCES to meet CWG needs, including advice, publications, signposting, case studies

Raise the PROFILE of CWs within the wider woodland community and with the general public

Engage in DIALOGUE with policy makers to bring about greater community involvement with woodlands in Wales

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