Community Woodlands

Community woodlands are growing in number in Wales. Some groups own or lease their woodlands, others manage them with the landowner.

Each community has its own story to tell.

Location of Welsh community woodlands

Active community woodlands  

Visiting a community woodland near you or volunteering with a community woodland group can be a very rewarding experience.

If you are setting up a new community woodland, then contacting an existing community woodland group to learn from their experience is an excellent idea.

Wavehill’s survey of community woodland groups in Wales in 2010, including a map of group locations, identified 138 active community woodlands across Wales. The highest number of community woodlands was in south Wales; in Blaenau Gwent (15), Bridgend (11) and Pembrokeshire (10) but there were also 11 groups in Gwynedd.

The same survey estimated that in 2010, around 1,795 ha of woodland was being looked after by communities in Wales.


Location of Llais y Goedwig community woodland members

To locate a community woodland group in your area and find out contact details, please use the Llais y Goedwig members’ map.



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