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Llais y Goedwig Chair David Williams discusses the benefits of signing up to new well-being portal Dewis:

A part of my role in the ‘day job’ with social services in the Gwent area is to co-ordinate and encourage use of the Dewis citizen portal – which is a national on-line site, supported by Welsh Local Government Association and Welsh Government – for services that support well being. The site started up in North Wales but is now national, and is open access so that anyone can look up information , and it also means that any organisation can register and so add details of what they do in supporting well being and how they can be contacted.

Registration is simple – much as with any other on-line service – and logging on to put in information is then pretty straightforward. Information does not appear on Dewis until an Editor has authorised it – basically checked for any obvious errors website is in English and Welsh at and respectively.

Importantly, information screens have been designed to be easily read on mobile devices (tablets and phones) as well as on PC’s, and a downloadable app is planned (hopefully for a little later this year).

Finally, in order that information remains reasonably up to date, the system alerts the ‘owner’ of service information that information needs to be checked and updated at six months from entry (at at such intervals after) with reminder e-mails 4 weeks and 2 weeks before that 6 months date. After that information is hidden from view and editors are alerted to check if a service still exists.

So – it costs nothing to look, and nothing to ‘get on board’ – so if all CWG’s went on an added bonus would be that we could have an easy ‘look up’ of where groups are and how they can be contacted!’

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