21st August 2015 – Community Woodland inventory – surveying for woodland products, Dyfi Valley

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Interested in assessing your woodland potential for providing forest products such as edible mushrooms, berries, tree seeds, tree saps and resins, bark, foliage, moss? Join the StarTree project for events across Wales this summer…

The great potential of non wood forest products

From roots to canopy, woodlands in Wales support a huge range of useful species. Edible mushrooms, berries, tree seeds, tree saps and resins, bark, foliage, moss, it’s not just the timber trees that have a value. These plants and fungi can be harvested sustainably to be used for community events or, with some thought and planning, some species could be sold raw or processed to add value in order to generate a small income for your group.

Join others at events across Wales this summer

Part of Llais y Goedwig’s contribution to the StarTree project is the development of a toolkit to undertake a resource assessment for wild harvested forest products.

They are piloting the survey at two sites, one on Anglesey, Llyn Parc Mawr, and another in the Dyfi Valley, Coed Ty Gwyn. Each site will host three seasonal surveying events: summer, autumn and spring, in order to capture the seasonality of particular species.

These events and the developing tool kit will help community woodland groups and other woodland owners to:

  • Catalogue the species present and the potential of the site given changes in tree species and management regime in the woods
  • Quantify the quantities of key resources present and sustainable harvesting levels
  • Profile local foraging activity in the woods

These full day events are open to all Llais y Goedwig members and will help your group to make a start in assessing your woodland for forest products.

Dates of the summer survey are:

Llyn Parc Mawr (Anglesey) 16th August 2015

Coed Ty Gwyn (Dyfi Valley) 21st August 2015

Please get in touch with Adam Thorogood if you are interested in coming to either of these events adamthorogood@llaisygoedwig.org.uk or call 01654 700061.



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