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Do you want to watch an inspirational film about Forestry but don’t know how to get hold of one?

After an email enquiry by Llais y Goedwig member Knighton Tree Allotments, requesting details of films on forestry to show at their next AGM, Llais y Goedwig can now offer members the opportunity to watch a selection of unique and inspiring films on forestry from the life of an oak tree to forest life in Sulawesi (Indonesia).

If you have a film to add to the library please get in touch. It would be brilliant if we keep updating the collection collection on offer to members.  Please email feedback once you have watched the film(s) and your review will be included online.

[Clips of some of the films can be found here. ]

List of forestry films

Man of The Soil (Nom Tew) – This poetic documentary is set on the diminutive Caribbean island of Dominica. It is the portrait of Jerry Maka West. He is a simple man, a Nom Tèw, Creole for a man of the soil. Juxtaposed with the hustle and bustle of city life on Dominica, Jerry Maka West works his garden in the island’s lush interior, his Zion, growing and preparing his food just as his grandparents once taught him.

Green – Green examines the industries destroying the Indonesian forest and unravels the hypocrisy behind seemingly “green” bio-diesel made from palm oil. Green is a female orangutan, and a victim of deforestation in Indonesia.

Conflict Tiger – An environmental thriller exploring the increasingly confrontational relations between tigers and people in the forests of the Russian Far East. The film follows the work of Yuri Trush, an expert tiger tracker called in to deal with a notorious series of tiger attacks.

Goodwood – The question that lies at the heart of the ongoing debate about the world’s forests is whether we can halt deforestation while still sustaining communities that depend on the forest for their livelihood. Is there another way? Could the selective harvesting and selling of “goodwood,” wood from forests logged in an environmentally sensitive way, be part of the answer?

Voices of the Forest: Thailand – Forests are vital for the 1.7 billion local and indigenous people who depend on them for their livelihoods and sometimes for their very survival. By placing local people at the heart of forest decision-making and forest management, community forestry can make forest management a reality. In many countries community forestry has successfully reversed forest destruction and helped harness the full value of forest benefits.

The Queen of Trees – Impeccable, creative cinematography aside, the wondrous thing about this study of a single sycamore fig, Africa’s queen tree, is that it’s a microcosm of the eco-complexity of the earth at large.

Kingdom of The Forest – Kingdom of the Forest, shot in stunning high definition, explores the wildlife of Europe’s primeval forests. The full range of large and charismatic mammals and birds are captured in Kingdom of the Forest with fascinating insights into hunting, reproduction and other behaviour

Chernobyl a natural history? – What is the explanation for the apparent resurgence of wildlife in Chernobyl? In the exclusion zone that is still forbidden to humans, in this strange world where radiation shifts with the seasons, zoologists and radioecologists are making surprising discoveries.

Climbing Redwood giants – Climbing Redwood Giants reveals the little-explored environment of the redwoods using high-tech aerial laser surveys and breathtaking imagery. Humboldt State University’s, Steve Sillett, the first researcher to explore the redwood canopy, discovered the canopy contained a hidden world of trees growing within trees, fern gardens growing on soil mats the size of a bus, and a mysterious salamander as top predator.

Voices of the forest: Sulawesi – The story of two communities in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, both fighting for the right to manage their forest. The first community, in the village of Semanki, is fighting against the constraints imposed by the establishment of a national park.

Satoyama: Japan’s secret forest – Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this episode takes us into a mountain forest near Japan’s largest lake. Shot in stunning high definition, it poetically portrays how the locals use traditional wisdom to manage the forest in ways that allow them to har

Amazon Alive: Hidden Secrets – As we learn more about how the forest functions, we are gaining greater respect for its intricate web of life and the people who live, dove-tailed, within it. Hidden among its tangle of vegetation and waterways are clues that far from being locked in the stone-age.

Oak Tree: Nature’s Greatest Survivor – Dr George McGavin investigates the highly varied and dramatic life of oak tree. Part science documentary, part historical investigation, this film is a celebration of one of the most iconic trees in the British countryside. It aims to give viewers a sense of what an extraordinary species the oak is and provide an insight into how this venerable tree experiences life.

Hope in a Changing Climate – On China’s Loess Plateau, an area the size of Belgium has been successfully restored over ten years. A barren, brown landscape has been brought back to life; a people entrenched in back-breaking poverty now work, farm, herd and live in a functioning, green ecosystem where rainfall infiltrates, water is retained and crops are readied for export.



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