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The 2017 Llais y Goedwig Gathering saw a lot of passionate and enthusiastic discussion, with a strong sense of purpose.  There was a consensus that Brexit uncertainty and funding threats could be turned into opportunities, and that Llais y Goedwig should be coordinating a call to arms.   This can be summarised by a plan of action set out by Roger Davies from Golygfa Gwydyr:

It is critical at this time that community woodland groups (CWGs) and Llais y Goedwig place a marker with Welsh Government so that CWGs and social forestry are not only part of the post Brexit landscape discussions but are a key player in delivering against the Well-Being of Future Generations Act (WFGA) goals*. The aim would be to raise the amount of Welsh Government support to forestry based on proven deliverables against the WFGA and ‘value for money’ targeting of public resources. To do this a three pronged approach is suggested:

1.     CWGs with case studies could re-examine their services and deliverables against the WFGA targets and state clearly where and how these are being met. This would best be done as a letter appended to a copy of the case study sent directly to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths AM. (Those CWGs without a case study could be encouraged to send a letter describing their services and deliverables as above but without a case study appended.)

2.     Copies of letters from CWGs should also be sent to Llais y Goedwig who will collate these into a concise summary, as the voice of CWGs in Wales. The Llais y Goedwig report should be written using ‘government speak’ language and draw from the WFGA and current Ministerial Priorities.

3.     Llais y Goedwig could also alert CWGs to the ministerial Policy Statement which will result from the State of Natural Resources (SoNaRR) report and engage in the next step towards defining Area Policy Statements across Wales. These will be agreed through public consultation so Llais y Goedwig should explore every avenue to assist CWGs to input into this system.

Llais y Goedwig would like to hear the opinion of CWGs on these proposals, especially from those who were not able make the Gathering. Please contact Liz Mutch, Network Co-ordinator, with your comments on these proposals or for further information about writing to the Cabinet Secretary.  You can contact the office Wednesday – Friday during office hours, or email

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